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Found dis XD
[] You'd Rather Be Pale Than Tan. 
[X] You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things. 
[X] You're Lustful/Sexual. (I AM WAY TOO FUCKING SEXUAL MAN)
[] When You're Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them. (i dunnnnooo)
[X] You're Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive. 
[X] You've Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It. 
[X]Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak. 
[X] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others. 
[] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything. 
[X] You're more active at night
Total: 7

[X] You're Incredibly Lustful/Sexual. (i am still le virgin dun worry)
[] Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind.
[] You Could Make Someone Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing Them. 
[] You're Not A Virgin. 
[] You Burn Through Lovers Quickly.
[] You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath.
[] If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane.
[] You Have Strong/Long Nails. 
[] You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want.
Total: 1

[X] You have a bad temper. 
[X] You're incredibly physically strong and fast.
[X] You Love The Moon. 
[X] You're Very Loyal. 
[X] If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them. 
[X] You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed. (hehe) 
[X] You Like Dogs. 
[] You're fairly Sturdy in stature.
[X] You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person. 
[X] You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time.
Total: 9

[X] You Like Cats. 
[X] You're lithe and agile. 
[X] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[X] You Like Gymnastics. 
[] You Love To Eat Seafood. 
[X] You're Affectionate And Cozy. 
[X] If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them. 
[X] You Like Yarn.
[X] You Like Chasing Things. 
[] You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter. 
Total: 8

[X] You're An Outcast.
[X] You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive. 
[] You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry
[X] You Tend To Zone Out. 
[X] You Don't Feel Very Smart. 
[] You Like Worms. 
[] You Like Taking Things Slowly.
[] You Like Odd Foods.
[X] You Prefer To Suffer In Silence.
[X] You Don't Get Much Sleep. 
Total: 6

[] You're Invisible.
[X] You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence.
[X] You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them. 
[X] You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face. 
[] You're Incredibly Gentle.
[X] You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive 
[X] You Tend To Simply Disappear When no One's Looking. 
[X]You Enjoy Scaring People. 
[X] You Like The Indoors. 
[X] You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens. 
Total: 8

[] You Will Eat Just About Anything. 
[] You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically 
[X] You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed. 
[] You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them. 
[] You Like Stalking People.
[] You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces.
[] You Get Hungry Easily. 
[X] You Like Torture.
[] You live to hurt people. 
[X] You Like The Idea Of Being Insane.

[] You're Into Wicca/Paganism. 
[X] You Like Magical Objects. 
[X] You Believe In Magic. 
[] You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis. (not really odd, just protection spells and such)
[] People Find You Intolerably Cruel. 
[X] You enjoy manipulating people. 
[] You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization.
[X] You Love Black Cats/Ravens. 
[] You Practice Voodoo
[] You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive.
Total: 4

[X] You Have Different Personalities 
[X] Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second.
[] You Have More Than One Lover.
[X] You're Unpredictable. 
[X] You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit In. 
[X] You Are Fond Of Many Different Things. 
[X] You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor. 
[X] You often say one thing and mean another. 
[X] You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off. 
Total: 8

[X] You Have A Very Bad Temper.
[X] You're Usually Angry.
[] You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take. 
[X] You Worship Satan. 
[X] You like pentagrams. 
[X] You love to mess with people's heads.
[X] You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud.
[] You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt. 
[] Physically Harming Someone Turns You On. 
[] You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person. 
Total: 6

[X] You're A Very Good Person. (I'm evil and good idek anymore)
[] You Take Care With Everything You Do. 
[X]You Can Be Extremely Serious. 
[X] You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies. 
[X] You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone. (matters tbh)
[] You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love. 
[X] You're A Virgin/Have Never Kissed Anyone Apart From Family. (kissed someone)
[] People See You As Being Very Pure
[] You Are Obedient And Follow Rules Without Question. 
[] You Love God. 
Total: 5

[] You Enchant People. 
[] You Like Organic Things. 
[] You're Almost Always Smiling. 
[] You Love The World Around You. 
[X] You Get Attached To Animals Easily.
[] You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick/Prince-Charming.
[X] You Fall In Love Easily.
[] You Don't HATE Anyone. 
[] You Have A Very Bright/Bubbly/Friendly Personality.
[X] You like long hair
Total 3

Yo, I might be making adopts soon Heart  Foxy warming up to get the booty (chat emoticon) 
No offense, but... There are some people who are getting too fake on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends and page views they can get & get popular, get attention & so on! So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention, This is a test to see how many people in my friends list or watch list actually pay attention to me & are true to me. Copy & re-post in your own journal. Let's see who the real people are. Re-post this if you aren't a fake, Please do reply with a Heart  or say whatever you want then just copy  paste this in a new journal/status as ''Fake Deviants/Friends. & tag/mentioned the person you repost this from saying "I reposted this from >insert name<
Reposted from:
Start with 100% and subtract 1% for everything that you've done.
Then re-post as "I'm __% Virgin". Lowest number you have the more you've done!

[] Smoked
[] Drank alcohol.
[] Cried when someone died. 
[] Been drunk
[] Had sex.
[] Been to a concert. 
[] gotten/given a handjob.
[] gotten/given a blowjob.
[] Been verbally/sexually harassed.
[] Verbally/sexually harassed somebody.


[] Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
[] Laughed so hard something came out of your nose
[] Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before.
[] Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[] Been to prom.
[X] Cried at school (Sorry I have depression ❤)
[] Gotten lost in a Wal-Mart or a department store
[] Went streaking. 
[] Given or received a lap dance. 
[X] Had someone of the opposite sex in your room


[] Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over.
[] Slept over at someone of the opposite sex's house.
[] Kissed a stranger.
[] Hugged a stranger. 
[] Went scuba diving.
[] Driven a car
[] Gotten an x-ray.
[] Hit by a car.
[] Had a party.
[] Done serious drugs.


[] Played strip poker/darts.
[] Got paid to strip for someone.
[] Run away from home.
[] Broken a bone
[X] Eaten sushi.
[] Bought porn. 
[] Watched porn
[] Made porn
[] Been in love


[] Made Out.
[X] Laughed so hard you cried
[X] Cried yourself to sleep
[] Laughed yourself to sleep.
[] Shot a gun
[X] Trash talked someone and then acted like their best friend the next day. 
[X] Been online for 9 consecutive hours. 
[] Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours.
[] Watched an animal die. 


[] Watched a person die. 
[] Kissed and/or messed around somewhere with at least 1 person.
[] Pranked somebody
[] Put somebody in the hospital. 
[] Snuck into someone's room and/or your own room after being out.
[] Kissed somebody of the same sex.
[] Dressed punk.
[] Dressed goth. 
[] Dressed preppy. 
[] Been to a motocross race.


[X] Avoided somebody.
[] Been stalked.
[] Stalked someone. 
[] Met a celebrity. 
[X] Played an instrument
[] Ridden a horse. 
[X] Cut yourself.
[] Bungee jumped.
[] Ding dong ditched somebody.
[] Been to a wild party.


[X] Got caught stealing something.
[X] Kicked/punched a guy in the balls.
[] Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from a friend. 
[] Gone out with your friend's crush. 
[] Got arrested.
[] Been pregnant. 
[] Babysat.
[] Been to another country.
[] Set your house on fire.
[X] Had an encounter with a ghost.


[] Donated your hair to cancer patients.
[] Been asked out by someone that you never thought you'd be asked out by 
[] Cried over a member of the opposite sex.
[X] Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3 months. 
[] Sat on your butt all day. 
[] Ate a whole carton of ice cream all by yourself 
[] Had a job
[] Gotten cut from a sports team.
[X] Been called a whore 
[X] Danced like a whore. (I listen to music that make make dance like that XD)


[X] Been mistaken as older than your own age.
[] Been in a car accident.
[X] Been told you have beautiful eyes.
[X] Been told you have beautiful hair.
[X] Danced in the rain.
[] Been rejected. 
[] Walked out of a restaurant without paying
[] Punched someone/slapped someone in the face.



~More Realistic~
Yeaaaaa these usually take FOREVER so if you want one, wait around a couple days. QWQ

Mature Content

~What.?~ by ask-syco

Mature Content

~Emarald~ by ask-syco
~"Stick" Figures~
~Sorry QWQ QMQ~ by ask-syco
~Ask #4~ by ask-syco
~Ask #3~ by ask-syco
I call 'em stick figures, but they're not and I don't know wth to call them sssoooo "stick" figures
~Head Shots~
~Liu Blaydz~ by ask-syco
Just... A head shot. What else can I say? You can tell me if you want it shaded or not, it won't be any extra. QWQ
~OCs misc~
~Swisie~ .:AT:. by ask-syco
~Eva~ .:AT:. by ask-syco
~Exskeleber~ .:AT:. by ask-syco
~Violet~ .:AT:. by ask-syco
any thing I haven't menationed yet
~Mlp oc~
~Mocha sketch~ .:W/O shapes:. by ask-syco
~Sydney~  by ask-syco
~Bleeding heart~ by ask-syco
digital or traditional


ask-syco's Profile Picture
Coffee Beanie
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Bonjour, I am Crimmie Auradz
I am currently living in Wisconsin (Fun fact, I hate cheese XD)
My favourite colours are: Violet, Aqua, Lime, Orange, Black, Dark Grey, and a fuck ton of other colours
Btw if you can't tell I sweat....A LOT
Wweeellll my hobbies are: Writing, singing, acting, voice acting, and drawing
For drawing I use my kindle fire. The app I use is called Medibang paint.
Here are some of my contacts
Facebook: Crimua Aura
Instagram: CrimmieCoffeeBean
Kik: CrimmieChan

💜Anyone who spams me will be blocked 💜
My favorite drink is mochas and my favourite food is pasta
I like Creepypasta, Steven universe, Mlp, Undertale, aaanndd yandere simulator
I am le emo child
My bestie is :icono0fluffpuff0o:

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